FAMe (Fixed Assets Management: Enterprise)

Users of SAP Business One can now choose a fully integrated, comprehensive Fixed Assets Management add-on that handles all fixed asset accounting and fixed asset management functions.  This scalable and certified solution picks up where the SAP FA solution leaves off, and delivers the functionality required by some small-market and all mid-market companies.  Fixed Assets: Enterprise™ (FAMe) for SAP Business One combines decades of experience with Fixed Assets Accounting and Fixed Assets Management with over seven years of direct experience with SAP Business One.

Key Features

  • Full Multi-Book Corporate and Tax Accounting for all Fixed Assets requirements
  • Asset Acquisition Management – from AP (Invoices, CMs, and JEs) or from Inventory
  • Change Management – for Cost Adjustments, Transfers, Relocations, etc.
  • Disposal Management – proper Gain / Loss, Full or Partial, ability to ‘un-do’