SAP Business One Inventory Module

For many businesses managing inventory requires constant attention because it’s such an important business asset. SAP Business One helps you stay on top of inventory and streamline management by allowing you to automate the order-to-delivery process and manage inventories across multiple warehouses. Business One inventory module lets you access real-time inventory data and reports to help you to stay on top of your business and manage your stock efficiently.

Key Features

    • Item management for all item data: name, SKU, barcode, trademark, expiration, measurements, price, image and more
    • Item query gives you a fast look at the details of an item
    • Price lists let you manage as many price lists as you need and can be associated with customers or suppliers if needed
    • Special customer pricing
    • Quantity pricing (pricing based on the amount purchased)
    • Release from stock
    • Transfer inventory between warehouses
    • Stock transactions and stocking data
    • Ability to have multiple vendors for a single product
    • Track serial numbers
    • Assign/track inventory lots
    • Assign substitute or alternate inventory items
    • Decide and assign when inventory items should be recounted
    • Improve management of pick/pack/ship
    • Supports multiple inventory methods: standard cost, weighted moving average, and FIFO
    • Links to MRP
    • Keeps vendor order history
    • Keeps records of all inventory transfers between warehouses


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