We provide specialized consultation aimed at supporting the software and technology needs of your company, its departments, and employees. By performing a Needs Analysis for your businesses, we can determine how the existing SAP Business One software and add on technology should be configured for optimal operation of each department as well as the daily tasks of individual employees.

The Needs Analysis is our foundation for gaining insight into how best we can efficiently and effectively assist you with the existing and future needs of the entire computing environment of your company. After a complete Needs Analysis we’ll present recommendations for current computer software and technology, as well as proper standardization and future optimization of your company’s technology.

IT Needs Analysis in a Conference Room

The Needs Analysis Process

1) Identify Goals
We begin by meeting with your company to review software and technology issues, goals, and long-term mission.

2) Complete High Level Assessment
Next we observe and document the department’s and/or individual’s current IT environment, including hardware, software, printing and networking needs. Cornerstone Consulting will also assess the tasks performed to determine level of accuracy, efficiency as well as potential for automation and optimization improvements via additional software or custom programming.

3) Research
In this phase we research and obtain the associated costs for hardware, software, printing and networking options.

4) Document Recommendations
Finally we prepare written documentation containing recommendations for the needs of the organization.


The initial Needs Analysis service is $5,000

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