LISA Manufacturing

LISA Manufacturing is a complete manufacturing execution system built on a foundation of specialized software functions designed specifically for manufacturing companies with core functionality to support multiversion bills of materials, routings, finite capacity planning and scheduling, actual costing, and data collection for time and attendance. The software provides complete control over production operations, including lot and serial number tracking, which eliminates redundant data entry and helps ensure consistency and accuracy throughout the shop floor.

Key Features

  • Capacity planning with roll-forward and roll-backward scheduling
  • Drag and drop capabilities to help make decisions and adjust planning
  • Drill downs from GANTT charts to real-time manufacturing dashboards
  • Easy-to-use data collection to deliver real time information and update costs, schedules, routings
  • Multiple BOMs with multiple routings, all active
  • A set of tools that lets you strategically analyze the data available across the enterprise
  • Manufacturing-related activities that extend across the enterprise
  • Flexibility in reporting and easy-to-modify screen outputs, tailored for user preferences
  • Rigorous QA / QC, tracking and traceability
  • WMS / RF driven inventory management

LISA Distribution

LISA Distribution is comprehensive warehouse management software designed to control warehouse activities and track every unit of stock down to the lowest level of detail. Real-time connectivity to SAP Business One provides greater inventory visibility and accuracy for all transactions, including receiving, put away, picking, cycle counting, return merchandise authorization (RMA), and wireless warehouse management.

Key Features

  • Tracking by serials, lots and expiration date
  • Complete FIFO picking logic
  • Multiple company, multiple warehouse, multiple bins/ location tracking
  • Directed put away for receiving and directed picking for efficiency and optimization
  • RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) management and processing
  • Cycle counting by item, location, warehouse, zone or other criteria
  • Complete transaction management in real-time
  • Pocket PC interface and barcode integration
  • Warehouse zoning
  • Complete audit trail of every stock movement
  • Reduce warehouse operational costs
  • Movements and transfers within and between warehouses
  • Transfer by item, carton, pallet between locations, buildings, warehouses, zones, sub-locations
  • Configurable to accommodate your existing business processes and change as you grow
  • RFID tags capable

LISA Express

LISA Express is entry-level warehouse management software based on LISA Distribution. Designed for entry-level warehouse management operations, it features all the functions required to move materials in and out of warehouses while keeping more complex features out of the equation. Real-time connectivity to SAP Business One provides the same level of detail for inventory movements as with LISA Distribution and helps optimize resources. Like LISA Distribution, it uses handheld RF scanners with real-time validation.

Key Features

  • Warehouse Bin Management
  • Receiving
  • Optimized put away and picking routes
  • Cycle counting
  • Inventory Transfer
  • Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)
  • Inventory Adjustment and inquiry