Paymate Platinum – SAP® Business One Add-on

Introducing Paymate Platinum specifically designed for SAP® Business One and similar products. Paymate Platinum blends the latest technology and key features requested by their valuable partners and customers with the time-tested functionality of Paymate payroll that thousands of successful businesses have been using since 1987.

Key Features

  • EFT (Direct deposit)
  • Flexible report writing that supports the use of Crystal Reports and our built-in Report Writer
  • Customizable check forms for preprinted or blank paper with support for Print Boss from Wellspring software
  • E-Filing support for Canadian payroll
  • Wizards to streamline multi-step processes
  • Easy Navigation
  • Flexible Payroll Processing
  • Cost Allocation & Job Costing
  • Payment Methods
  • Import, Export & Integration and Conversion Tools
  • Reporting
  • Forms Processing


Clarity: Payroll, HR and Time & Attendance

Clarity is a comprehensive suite of Payroll, Human Resource and Time & Attendance modules, designed for Canada and the US. Each module can work independently or as an integrated system sharing a common database.

Clarity Payroll

Clarity is a comprehensive Payroll solution ideal for medium and large sized businesses looking for advanced capabilities and HR integration. Clarity offers a cost-effective solution with a short implementation cycle, typically in less than a month.

Clarity resides on a single database, allowing you to keep all your payroll and Human Resources, Time and Attendance and Employee Self-Serving information in one place. Moreover, since it is a totally integrated solution, you need to enter the data only once and is reflected in all modules.

Key Features

  • Unlimited number of user defined earnings, benefits, deductions and taxes.
  • Compatible with standard and non-standard pay frequencies
  • Pay employees by check or direct deposit (ACH/EFT)
  • Customizable check and paystubs
  • Mass update feature for across the board changes
  • Easy integration with Time clock and other external systems
  • Multi-user capabilities with network support
  • Supports multiple union agreements

Clarity Human Resources

Control your employees’ information all from ONE place. Clarity Human Resources is totally integrated with Payroll sharing a common database. This enables you to have all the information on one place without duplication and is available to you at your fingertips.

Key Features

  • Supports employee benefits and benefit plan information
  • Tracks probation and performance reviews
  • Excellent employee skills and qualifications tracking
  • Supervise training and development of employees
  • Generates performance reviews and trend reports
  • Reminder an alerts for events and activities
  • Comprehensive security system for sensitive information
  • Administer absences and information for vacation, sick pay, banked OT, FMLA and more.

Clarity Time & Attendance

The Paymate Solution is fully integrated with Time and Attendance allowing you to keep all your Payroll and HR information in one place. Paymate Time & Attendance will reduce administrative costs and time, secure operational control, increase productivity and minimize absence. How can we increase our profits through higher levels of productivity?  Let’s make it easy with becoming faster, smarter and efficient in the way we manage our workforce.

Key Features

  • Entering of time by employee or any designated person
  • Automated schedule generation, including approved leaves
  • Creation of overtime premiums based on user defined criteria
  • Support for FMLA rolling 12-month Calendar
  • Supports Job Cost detail entries
  • Allows for one or levels of approval before processing