A Better Way To See Your Business Data

Instead of moving billions of records from hard drives to a processor to be analyzed, SAP HANA stores your business data in-memory so it’s right there when you need it.

What’s that mean for you? You’ll be able to analyze hundreds of billions of rows of data in seconds, not days. That means you’ll have the power to do things like forecast the profitability of giving a customer a discount on a particular product… in 2 seconds while you’ve still got them on the phone. Because you’ve got the data right at hand, you’re able to make a fast, smart decisions based on the very latest data. Now that’s power.

Makes analyzing data 3600 times faster

Key Features

  • Uses a single in-memory computing platform
  • Data no longer has to travel from hard drive to processor
  • Fetches data 3600 times faster
  • Analyzes hundreds of billions of rows in seconds, not days
  • Gives you predictive insight with in-database data mining
  • Forecasts profitability in seconds
  • Runs real-time and granular operational reporting
  • Significantly reduces planning cycles by processing calculations in-memory
  • Works on your mobile device

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