Boost Customer Satisfaction and Optimize Support Processes

Inside SAP Business One you’ll find everything you need to optimize the sales and service departments. The SAP Business One application provides support for service, sales, and contract management, allowing you to proactively manage your customer interactions for maximum business gain.

Winning new customers and retaining existing ones are vital to successful business growth and profitability. As a result, your organization needs to maintain a high customer satisfaction level. SAP Business One can help you accomplish these objectives by allowing you to efficiently administer customer warranties and service contracts, and manage service calls.

Key Features

  • Service call managment
  • Create and manage service call records
  • Use the knowledge database to search for solutions to known customer problems
  • Assign technicians and territories to customers
  • Define authorizations to restrict service component options for users
  • Warranty and service contract management
  • Administer warranty and service information with contracts and customer equipment cards
  • Creates customer equipment cards automatically using sales documents such as delivery or AR invoice
  • Define different categories for managing contracts
  • Monitor contract terms, renewal, and expiration times for particular products
  • Generate service reports
  • Use service monitor to display all open service calls and overdue calls
  • Evaluate performance by analyzing service contracts and technician call data
  • Create alerts for your service call durations and volumes when limits are exceeded
  • Allow technicians to view their own progress and take necessary actions
  • Improved efficiency of operations due to automated and effective service and contract management
  • Increased customer satisfaction due to faster response to customer calls and inquiries, and improved problem-resolving
  • Faster and better decision making based on timely, accurate data on all aspects of the sales and service processes

Customer Reviews

“SAP Business One makes everyday customer service processes straightforward – processes that are very complicated with other software.”

Sam Sinai, President, DECO Lighting

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