[toggle Title=”Why did Sage discontinue Sage PRO Series?” color=”gray”]

Sage PRO Series has been discontinued because it’s built upon Microsoft Visual Foxpro, which is a coding language that Microsoft announced they were discontinuing in 2009.

[/toggle] [toggle Title=”When was it officially discontinued?” color=”white”]

Sage officially discontinued Sage PRO series in 2012.

[/toggle] [toggle Title=”I run ACCPAC. Does this affect me?” color=”gray”]

Yes. Sage PRO Series was formerly known as ACCPAC. It is the same software as Sage PRO Series.

[/toggle] [toggle Title=”What does it mean for me?” color=”white”]

In the near future, you will need to move to another ERP software. If you have made any customizations to Sage Pro, you’ll need to be especially careful moving to another product. Even if you have a SQL database, the program that does all the screens and reports is still Visual Foxpro, which is also discontinued.

[/toggle] [toggle Title=”Can I still get software updates?” color=”gray”]

No. Part of the discontinuation means there are no more Sage PRO software releases, updates, or upgrades, including compatibility and security upgrades.

[/toggle] [toggle Title=”What will happen to my software?” color=”white”]

If you’re running Sage PRO series it is becoming increasingly crucial that you move to a new software platform in the near future. Due to hardware and operating system advances soon Visual Foxpro (the platform Sage PRO runs on) will not run on new systems. Additionally, there are no updates available including security updates, which leave the system vulnerable.

[/toggle] [toggle Title=”How long will it take to move?” color=”gray”]

Planning for a transition into another package typically takes 3-6 months.

[/toggle] [toggle Title=”Can I move to another Sage product?” color=”white”]

Sage does offer other solutions, but there is no Data Migration package available to move your data to their new offerings. Additionally, Sage has a reputation for shutting down products they don’t find to be profitable enough for them. We are suggesting businesses look at software that is not related to Sage. There are MANY other solutions on the market to handle your special needs and requirements and customizations.




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