Comgine (pronounced com-jin) gets its name from “Commerce Engine”. Designed for any business that sells product, Comgine is a cloud-based syncing device that sits between your Online Shopping Cart and SAP Business One pushing data back and forth between the two automatically. That means, orders placed on your website will automatically be processed into your accounting software. Likewise, when inventory is updated in your accounting software, your Online Store will reflect those changes in real time for your customers.

Comgine is valuable for any business who anticipates high volume orders on their webstore. Operating an online store without Comgine means maintenance for every product and web order, plus maintaining multiple systems. That translates to slower customer service, loads of data entry, and higher overhead.


Key Features

  • Inventory Items & Inventory Pricing sync between SAP and your webstore
  • Auto-Process Web Orders into Accounting
  • Customer Data flows both ways
  • Account Information is always up-to-date
  • Product Descriptions sync
  • Product Images sync
  • Inventory Items sync
  • Price Lists sync
  • Special Customer Pricing sync
  • Keywords / Metadata sync