The data you want – in a flash

Who doesn’t love Google? SAP Business One gives you the power of a Google-like search built right into your business data so you can improve customer service speed and save yourself all sorts of time.

Key Features

  • Speed up the search process with the google-like search built into SAP Business One
  • Search by date, for example find all sales invoices created on a certain date
  • Search for customers or vendors with only partial information
  • See an overview of all open sales orders of a customer
  • Quickly find out which activities you need to complete by searching open activities and opportunties
  • Track a sales workflow
  • See a history of which documents you were working on last
  • Find out who called you last with one click
  • Quickly create a sales order while on the phone with freestyle search
  • Search by business partner code
  • Create your own user defined fields to be included in searches


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